Charlie Clouser

SAW franchise, Wayward Pines, Resident Evil : Extinction, Numb3rs

“Pulsetter’s sound sets are a great addition to my collection. The Pulsor library for Zebra, with its individual stems that combine to make more complex patches, is a really unique and useful approach, making it easy to zero in on the components I want to use inside more complex patches. Definitely recommended.”


Joseph Trapanese

Oblivion, The Divergent Series, Tron Legacy, Straight Outta Compton, The Raid

“I’m excited about using PulseSetter Sounds new library PULSOR in my upcoming projects.”


Joey Newman

The Middle, Little People Big World

“Pulsor is easily one of the most playable and usable pulse libraries I have worked with for composing. Freddy has tapped into what composers need, especially when time is limited. I’m thrilled to have Pulsor as my newest go-to library!”


Elik Alvarez

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Conquest of the Skies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“Pulsor has definitively set the bar very high in delivering inspiration and efficiency during my composing process. The “human-machine” response that Pulsor offers is remarkable and all its patches have a fantastic organic quality that blend extremely well with other libraries and/or live instruments. This library is definitely a must-have in your composer’s toolbox.”


Pieter Schlosser

The Astronaut Wives Club, Agents of SHIELD

“Every once in a while, amongst the vast swaths of noise, you’ll find a gem.
That is certainly the case with Pulsor!
Sometimes I feel guilty that I am too easily able to recall a patch and it fits in with what I’m writing with very minimal effort and tweaking!
They’ve done a terrific job and i’m excited for their next gem to come along.”


Edouard Brenneisen

League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, Alien Encounters

“Seriously, I can see 95% of these patches as being immediately usable. It’s very impressive. The patches reveal a level of sonic detail and fatness I didn’t know it could produce, removing the need for layering them with other sources. Everything is insanely musical, and allows me to contribute just the right amount of goodness to the music I’m working on.”


Sandro Morales

Chosen, Notorious,

“Pulsor has resurrected my love for Zebra. From complex to raw, and from tense to haunting or aggressive, this collection of pulses and pads delivers a powerful and modern sound that is ready to be used in today’s film and TV scores. An amazing addition to my synth arsenal, I've been using it on my cues from day one.”


Andres Boulton

Chosen, Beneath, 30 Days of Night

“Pulsor has proven to be a great tool for me, in both my music and sound design projects. I like not only the textural complexity and ease of use, but also the flexibility to modify the patches as needed, even though they sound great from the start. Pulsor sonically blends very well with other synths, making it easy to integrate into my setup. I can’t wait to see what PulseSetter comes out with next!”