I recently had to submit a demo for a big action/sic-fi project and while I found the perfect track for it in my library, it needed to sound a bit more modern. So why not remixing some of those older cues into the more modern hybrid sound?

I’ve been doing that with a few cues and suddenly found new life for them. Just reopen the session or import whatever stems or stereo mix into your newer template and start playing with it all your newer tools. Add synths, add hybrid tools like big hits, raisers,etc, process your old tracks, add processed guitars and so on.  It’s a lot of fun, but the big lesson here is that you should always try to keep ownership of your tracks. Not always possible, but if you do you can always tweak them a bit and reuse them. Here’s one of the remixes I did for what used to be a 100% orchestral cue.