Pulsor II – Zebra2 Soundset


Pulsor II contains 284 patches of Cinematic and Video Game Scoring for U-he’s Zebra2 synth.

Following the concept of Pulsor I, we expanded and developed the idea of stems and created a collection of powerful and easy-to-use pulses for film and video game composers. Each pulse can be used by itself or by combining its elements with other pulses, other libraries and live instruments.

In addition to the pulses, Pulsor II includes a set of pads and patches derived from the main pulses that are extremely useful when working for film and videogames as they blend very well with the rest of the library.

As in Pulsor I, we got inspired by some of our favorite science fiction films and while we obsess with modern sounds and futuristic ambiences, we keep them organic and alive, and sometimes even raw and primal. The library is capable of scoring a wide range of projects, from big Summer blockbusters to intimate nature documentaries.


55 Main Pulses

253 Pulses and Stems

12 Pads

21 Others

Total of 286 patches


Click to download: Pulsor II Demo Patches


Pulsor II Demos Tracks

Pulsor II Video Walkthrough