• How do I get my product?

    An Email will be sent with your download link. Please check your spam folder as the link might landed in your junk email folder.You can also download the files from your account in our website.If you use more than one email account (one for PayPal, subscriptions , etc) please make sure you check both emails.

  • How do I find my account?

    In the main page, upper right. Your account info was created when you bought a product. You will need create a password to register the account. We don't see the password so if you loose it you will have a chance to change it in the "forgot password" link. Please make your password simple but unique to this site to ensure security.

  • Product installation?

    We provide a manual with info how to install the soundsets and sample libraries in your computer. If there are any problems with please email us to troubleshoot.

  • Any discount or bundles?

    Yes, we continually offer discounts and will offer bundles. We offer flash sales, new product sales so please sign up for our newsletter (top right on main page)

  • Do you do custom work?

    Yes, we do our soundsets and samples for the movie/projects we work with so we are constantly working with different composers.

  • Privacy policy?

    We have it in the lower page and on each product. In short; we only keep your email for our newsletter which we only use for new products and offers. We don't like spam ourselves so we keep it to a minimum. You can easily opt out. Payment is done through Paypal/square and we can't see any sensitive info. We do not sell or hold any user information. We don't track users but the website might leave cookies.

  • License Agreement?

    Its simple; use our products to create music, don't share it in torrents or other file sharing programs and don't create samples from our products or re-sell our products.

  • Who are you guys?

    Composers and Sound Designers. Mainly Gmo and Freddy. We are Berklee alumni. Gmo did Synthesis program and Freddy the composing program we have been working in the Los Angeles for over a decade on countless shows, movies and random projects. We worked well together on the hybrid music and sound design projects and decided to join forces with also a small network here in LA who do great sound design and music.

  • What is Pulsesetter?

    PulseSetter is a fictional character we created to convey our passion for sci - fi. He is from a dystopian future in a crowded sealed off megacity surrounded by toxic no-mans land. They live under a hard rule of law and as such many subversions remain underground and active. Pulsesetter is the unsung hero who drives passion through his music. Using a mix of old technology and new he performs and encourages passion in an stale underworld.. yet he wants no part of any confrontation and remains neutral... but thats not what the security forces think.Check our comic strip at the bottom of the main page.

  • Contact info?

    We try to answer as fast as possible and keep in mind we are in pacific time zone.info@pulsesetter.com

  • Personal contact info?

    We will still answer to personal email. info@pulsesetter.com Add a note for the persons name.

  • Return Policy?

    Sorry, since it is a digital download there are no return or money back. Please check out our very long videos to make sure if your purchase beforehand. 

  • Affiliate and Distribution info

    We are always looking to meet new people and opportunities.For affiliate relationships: https://pulsesetter-sounds.com/affiliate-home/affiliate-register/For Distribution please email us at info@pulsesetter.com