Still editing those darn Kontakt Libraries….

Just a quick update for the start of 2018. We are working on several kontakt libraries. Its always fun to “sound design” (used as a verb:) stuff but makig it spotless clean and perfect for consumer release is another level of detail that takes some time. Not to mention the scirpting, marketing and “life”.

Still with this “editing too much face” we couldnt be happier doing these libraries, soundsets and loops.


2018 is looking good!


Email Issues

We had some email server issues and some of the emails sent to might of not come through.

If you sent us an email late November and didn’t get a response please try again.





Blade Runner Fan Flash Sale: $20.49 (of course!)

We are huge fans of sci-fi and this classic film has to be one of the pinnacles of sci-fi standards.

A lot of our graphics are based on this dystopian future of movies based on this sci-fi classic.

In honor of this film and the new Blade Runner 2049 release, we are throwing a flash sale.

Our individual soundsets are $20.49.. (of course!)