Who We Are


“PulseSetter hunts for cool sounds to record and create music to entice his followers and to make a connection with their souls. He wants us to see things differently by using technology to get to the good old days when people felt the music…”

We are a group of composers and sound designers living in Los Angeles making synth sound sets, sample/loop libraries and producing music for media. As every composer knows, a good theme helps the story and emotions evolve in a filmscore. Therefore, we created our theme “PulseSetter” based on a futuristic dystopian-cyberpunk character who lives in one of several mega-cities where folks huddled together after a few world wars. Mixing new and old tech, our anti-hero lives for music and sounds in a world more into overthrowing the mega city overloard.

Our goal is to design modern custom sample instruments, synthesizer soundsets and loops for cinematic scoring. Our theme helps us move our sound story along into hybrid and new sonic territories. Plus, we are huge sci-fi-fi fans.




Aka ``The Star``

Our unsung hero is the ``theme`` of our existence. Pulsestter is the name of our main character in a dystopian-cyberpunk future where music is not a part of life anymore. He is trying to resurrect music but within his fans lies the passion for freedom of the opresing regime who control the megacities. Our hero only wants to find cool instruments and make music... while others want him to do more. Check out our comic strips so you can enjoy our evolving storylines.


Freddy Sheinfeld

Dark Programmer

Award-winning composer who has worked in Los Angeles non-stop for a whole ton of tv, films and documentaries. Check out his deep music tutorials in youtube for some real hollywood secrets! With a wealth of experience, Freddy knows what works and what doesn't when sculpting sounds for working composers.


Guillermo ``Gmo`` Silberstein

Media Destroyer

Chances are that if you watched a Fox, Disney or Warner tv shows in the past 7 years you've heard his sfx work. From the bowels of hollywood this Berklee Synth major keeps sounds fresh with the ever growing curiousity of how to get wierd and new sounds and making them ``hollywood``.


Euro Zambrano

Machine Drum Killer

Sponsored by Tama, Remo, Sabian, Telefunken and Roland, Euro plays live drum and percussion for top acts like Stevie Wonder, LA philharmonic, Arturo Sandoval, and so on and on and on. So getting it ``in the pocket`` is not a hard task for this pro. He brings a top notch library of rhythmic grooves to the film World based on a miriad of other styles. As a concert and live session drummer, Euro also has some unique , hard to find afro-venezuelan and rare drums that have specific sounds to enhance any score.


Kyle O'Neal


Emmy winning audio extraordinaire for his work in Westworld. Kyle helps out with some cool custom sounds when he is not winning Emmys. Did we mention the Emmy? Oh, being young and living the dream in Hollywood.


Barry Weir Jr


Mixing with a big punch, Barry keeps busy working in American Idol, The Voice, Top Gear USA, etc etc etc.. and yet, provides us with some hard to find sounds. Also, as a gun enthusiast, Barry has some crazy gun shots for those more aggressive sound design sessions.


Juan Cammarano

Recordist & Filmscore Mixing

Our latin sound bomb who comes from Miami working with Ricky Martin and Shakira, now does some amazing FilmScore Mixing in LA. That, and let us use his studio and records music samples that require some cool mics and techniques.. and specially... organization.


Daniel Petras

DSP and Sythesis hero.

Aka: Sonorityscape. Daniel's forte is in video game sound design but it doesnt mean he is not on the forefront of syntheziser sound design for music. Check out his Massive synth tutorials and you'll see why.