Captain Marvel, Krypton TV Series,

``PulsesetterSounds libraries are fantastic and very intuitively designed.``



SAW franchise, Wayward Pines, Resident Evil : Extinction, Numb3rs

“PulseSetter-Sounds sets are a great addition to my collection.``



Oblivion, The Divergent Series, Tron Legacy, The Raid

“I’m excited about using PulseSetter Sounds in my upcoming projects.”



The Astronaut Wives Club, Agents of SHIELD, Destiny 2

``They’ve done a terrific job and i’m excited for their next gem to come along.”

New Releases

Hybrid Militia


A vast collection of Kontakt hybrid scoring instruments for media composers spanning categories like plucks, pads, loops and drums. Sound designed samples include braams, hybrid synths with orchestral plucks, analog bass, processed cello loops and more. In addition to 500+ custom sequence patches using our 4 multi part note and effects sequencer that enables a hugely useful treasure trove of video game and film scoring instruments under your disposal.  


This freebie sample library for Cinematic Composers contains 80+ kontakt (FULL) patches.Reverxis is a set of reverse guitar sound design instruments to aid film composers in creating unique textural and pulsating sounds for drama style scores. Each guitar loop was played, edited and manipulated to end up in reversed. There are 40 reverse loops that are mapped across the keyboard to create a playable polyphonic instrument. Play reverse pulsating chords, melody lines or simple one notes for a modern tension inducing score.There are also cinematic pads and plucks which also contains reverse samples mapped in a way they can be performed.



Aggressive sound design trailer sample library Instrument for Kontakt (FULL). Hundreds of aggressive one shots, impacts and multisamples for Trailer composers to "perform" sound design style of trailer music.  Best of the modern analog, wavetable, fm synths and guitar samples have been processed to create modern sounds for your next trailer music placement. This unique sample library fills a niche  to expand your sound design ideas by letting you perform the sounds and inspire you to create rhythmic tonal foundations for your tracks. Tons of aggressive sounds, round robin impacts and huge amount of Brammers will keep you stocked on original sound sources or ready made sounds.  


PulseSetter Chronicles