New Releases

Disruptor - Omnisphere 2 Soundset


Disruptor is a newly designed soundset for Omnisphere2 that contains 187 patches of hybrid film and video game score oriented sounds. Since Omnisphere 2 offers great modulation flexibility and an incredibly amount of well-recorded sound sources, Disruptor sets out to exploit these features to give composers enough ammo to fill a wide range of projects.The patches were conceived for film, TV, and video games composers that need a modern edge and can be used in combination with other instruments as well as by themselves. With deep pulsating basses, odd keyboards, cinematic hits, and other hybrid scoring specific sounds, Disruptor will provide the flexibility for composers to focus more on music making instead of sound designing.  

Pulsor - Zebra2 Soundset


268 patches of Cinematic and Video Game Scoring for U-he's Zebra2 synth. This soundset provides modern edge sounds in a composer-friendly layout based on stems which provides the flexibility of stacking different parts or one-note-glory performances. The composer can easily add as few or as many elements as needed and combine Pulsor with other instruments. It can also be used to compose a whole scene of modern sounds featuring some of the richer and more complex pulses available in Zebra2.

Pulsor focuses on full pulsating beds of original sounds which will pace any score and propel any scene to the direction the producer desires while keeping a modern edge.

AGGRESSOR - Virus TI Soundset


Aggressor for the Virus TI/TI2/Snow is a soundset comprised of 128 cinematic and video game centric patches. We developed each patch to be a modern sound source for hybrid scores, trailers and electronic scores found on blockbuster movies as well as video game play. The focus of this soundset is to help create pulses and modern sounding "synth" parts for the composer to add their layer of orchestra or lead/melody section.

If you enjoy scores similar to The Social Media, Oblivion, Tron, Hannah, Total Recall or Battlefield 4 then this Soundest is for you as those are the main inspirations for these patches.


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