New Releases

Massive Fuel


Massive Fuel is a Trailer music oriented soundset for Native Instruments Massive. 128 patches divided into 7 categories like breams (tonal hits)  and pulses that will bring modern trailer music production to your fingertips. Each sound has been assigned eight macro controller options for further sound mangling and bring more life to a track. In addition, each sound has been rendered into wav files and mapped into sampler instruments. Plus a bonus section of big trailer hits have been produce and split into stems for inspiration and playability.

Subversive - Repro Soundset


Subversive is a newly designed soundset for U-he's Repro-1 and Repro-5 that contains 200 patches of modern vintage film and video game score oriented sounds. Whereas Repro-1 and Repro-5 offer a faithful recreation of the old vintage synthesizers, Subversive uses their power to harness the vintage feel while placing the sounds in a modern era score.

Pulsor I & Pulsor II Bundle


Save in our bundled sales! This bundle includes:-Pulsor I Cinematic Soundset for Zebra2.-Pulsor II Cinematic Soundset for Zebra2.Great intro price if you would like to get both soundsets for one low price instead of buying each one separately.


PulseSetter Chronicles