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What The Pro's Say:



Captain Marvel, Krypton TV Series,

"PulsesetterSounds libraries are fantastic and very intuitively designed."




SAW franchise, Wayward Pines, Resident Evil : Extinction, Numb3rs

“PulseSetter-Sounds sets are a great addition to my collection."




Oblivion, The Divergent Series, Tron Legacy, The Raid

“I’m excited about using PulseSetter Sounds in my upcoming projects.”




The Astronaut Wives Club, Agents of SHIELD, Destiny 2

"They’ve done a terrific job and i’m excited for their next gem to come along.”

New Releases

Cinematic Trailer SFX Anthology Vol1


A collection of 150+ custom designed sound effects for video editors. We hand picked the best sounds from our previous releases that crossover with the type of sounds video editors use in an easy to use wav package. These SFX include large hits, wooshes, tonal hits, risers and stingers and include metadata.  These royalty free sfx have sound sources ranging from kids toys to LAPD junk yard car bashing, Musical instruments and modern synths...  and even sounds recorded by profesionals that not only work mixing top shows but also won emmys.  

Hybrid Head Crusher


Our twisted version of the classic ice shaver. We sampled this vintage machine in every possible way and transformed it into an epic percussive Kontakt instrument. It focuses on epic percussion, rhythms and pulses as well as twisted pads and atmospheres. These unique sounds work great for action, horror, suspense, video games and it can be customized using the included powerful note, gate and FX sequencer.    

Hybrid Militia


A vast collection of Kontakt hybrid scoring instruments for media composers spanning categories like plucks, pads, loops and drums. Sound designed samples include braams, hybrid synths with orchestral plucks, analog bass, processed cello loops and more. In addition to 500+ custom sequence patches using our 4 multi part note and effects sequencer that enables a hugely useful treasure trove of video game and film scoring instruments under your disposal.    


PulseSetter Chronicles

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